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I've had a lot of fake friends. As in they removed me without explaining why, such as :iconmegadarkdrago:, :icontf-fan-error:, :iconenther:, and :iconwiiplayalll:. Those guys are very mean. I recommend you block them on the spot.
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Sad Violin 10 Hours




Sick of 'em by Neko-Spartan
Legitimate Watch Stamp by Aleronssword
Won't Watch Back Stamp by RinjiPantera
M.U.G.E.N. stamp by GaussianCat
Anti MLP FiM Stamp by Firework154
I Solve Practical Problems by redscoutplz
Engineer TF2 Stamp by DannyCat-X3 No Spy's gonna sap mai Sentry!
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Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord
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NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz
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deviantART Stamp 9 by nirman
Myspace Stamp by StephiLynn
Stamp by Keyblade-Warriors
Friends stamp by Meddle689
Pokemon stamp by maxari4
weird dreams stamp by ShadowPhantomToph-xo
Stamp - The Keyblade by Cougarinne
Toon Link Stamp by yukidarkfan
Ness Stamp by yukidarkfan
Lucas Stamp by yukidarkfan
Saix Organization XIII Stamp by r0ckmom
Scatman Stamp by Coraleana

Name: Blaze (not good at coming up with names)

Species: Blaziken

Weapon: Keyblade
Keychain: Unbound
Description: Keyblade perfection. It boosts all stats, while making it easier to land critical hits and even easier to trigger Reality Shifts.

Abilities: He can use Reality Shift & Flowmotion; He is immune to outside TFs, unless he's willing; if knocked back, he can upright himself and counter with a Strike Raid which causes knockback or stun (A.K.A. Payback Raid), he may wear a black coat to conceal his identity, can use Cremation Blast. (… go to point 0:33)
Hometown: Unknown

Pokemon Moves: Fire Punch, Brick Break, Thunderpunch, and Shadow Claw

Kingdom Hearts Moves: Sonic Blade, Spark Raid, Salvation and 2 Curagas

Level: Unknown, possibly very high

Blaze's sanity:What Is Your Level Of Sanity?

My sanity: What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
I am a Tyranitar!

Current Residence: Marietta, GA
Favourite genre of music: Video game music. =\
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5c
Favourite cartoon character: Sora

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I found out how Phantom Mizuchi Abyss' 11p can freeze characters, if you open his debug you'll notice he uses a helper overflow method with a superpause/pause which freezes everything.
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do you want to rp?
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you don't really do what I like
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